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Abatable, a carbon procurement and market intelligence platform, released a second annual report on the state of the carbon developer ecosystem in the voluntary carbon market.

The report provides transparency around the state of the carbon project developer ecosystem and its level of maturity. It also assesses the market’s capacity to produce the credits of necessary volumes and quality to support the integrity claims required for healthy growth.

This year’s report highlights the changes that the voluntary carbon market developer ecosystem is experiencing and their impacts. It concludes that the developer ecosystem continues to be highly fragmented into few large players and a long-tail of small and local players.

In 2022 the developer ecosystem saw first signs of market consolidation and expansion of developer portfolios globally, driven by large funding rounds going into existing and new developers.

The report also includes league tables on top players scaling the market, key metrics on funding rounds, project-type considerations, as well as comments on key themes to watch in 2023.

The data for the report comes from the Berkeley Carbon Trading Project and leverages proprietary data on carbon project developers and their expected volumes tracked by Abatable. The report uses aggregate data from the four major carbon registries: Verra’s Verified Carbon Standard, Gold Standard, Climate Action Reserve, and the American Carbon Registry.

Ecosphere+ is proud to call Abatable a key partner. Together, Ecosphere+ and Abatable have worked together to launch several key procurement events to bring high-impact carbon projects to market.