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This article was originally written by Ben Garside from Carbon Pulse and was published on the 16th April, 2018.

As a quick overview Poseidon is the world’s first blockchain initiative that allows retailers to embed carbon credits into their products at the point of sale, enabling everyday purchases to have a positive impact on the planet’s climate by channeling funding to sustainable development projects. The technology has the aim to drive behavioral change by empowering retailers to transform their customers’ engagement with their carbon footprint. Rather than making occasional donations, consumers will be constantly connected to carbon positive projects, rebalancing their impact with every transaction. 

As momentum builds for Poseidon prior to the fundraiser commencing on the 12th May, 2018 it is gaining significant attention from multiple parties. One of these is Carbon Pulse, who wrote:

Blockchain-based carbon credit platform Poseidon has committed to spend its first tranche of cash buying Peruvian REDD credits from UK-based Ecosphere+, as part of an initiative offering a voluntary carbon credit platform for retailers.