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“The Heart of Peru’s Natural Wonders: Protecting the Amazon through Promoting Peru’s Economic Development”


“We are proud to partner with Ecosphere+, SERNANP and CIMA to protect the Peruvian Amazon and tackle climate change. Through this partnership, we are taking the first steps to align our sustainability strategy with the national strategy for climate change, an urgent challenge that needs the support of the public and private sector. We are committed to raising awareness about the importance of avoiding deforestation as an effective way to promote the sustainable development of Peru while reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.”

Isabella Falco Scheuch, Country Image and Communications Director, PROMPERU


PROMPERÚ, the Peruvian Export and Tourism Promotion Board, is a government agency that connects public and private initiatives to support the development of high quality, diversified offerings of Peruvian products and services that are relevant to the international markets and showcase the richness of all Peru has to offer. PROMPERÚ develops and supports broad initiatives to effectively promote trade and tourism, focused the expansion of Peruvian businesses in foreign markets to support the economic and cultural vitality of Peru, generating employment while promoting Peru’s export capabilities and rich tourism opportunities. 


Sustainability is at the heart of PROMPERÚ’s mission, given the country’s commitment to preserving and upholding its natural resources and promoting its unparalleled biodiversity. To further promote sustainable development, cultural preservation and social equity, the agency also develops innovative, effective opportunities to increase access to international markets for products and services produced by small farmers, artisans, indigenous communities, and entrepreneurs.


To continue its sustainability mission rooted in the understanding that Peru is one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change, the organization is building a cutting-edge climate strategy. Knowing the serious risks of extreme climatic events that threaten livelihoods and landscapes across the country, PROMPERÚ partnered with Ecosphere+ to support the Cordillera Azul REDD+ project in the Peruvian Amazon. Through this unique partnership, PROMPERÚ is able to take measurable action to preserve critical Peruvian rainforests that generate clean air, fresh water and protect the habitat of endangered species. The organization has brought this partnership to life through ensuring carbon neutral programming and travel through its involvement in programmes such as: World Travel Market 2017, SXSW 2018 at Austin, Texas, and Russia 2018 World Cup. This is one element of the organisation’s climate strategy with innovative initiatives in development through the dynamic partnership between PROMPERÚ and Ecosphere+. Through these programs, PROMPERÚ is able to share the wonders of Peru while knowing that in doing so, the organisation is taking direct action to address climate change through protecting Peru’s biodiversity.


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