Business for good is now business as usual

Your business has the power to revive the earth.

There are Climate+ solutions for every company. Fashion, lifestyle, outdoor and even energy and tech companies can implement Climate+ solutions by protecting tropical rainforests and their communities.

Trees and forests naturally take CO2 out of the air – the most abundant greenhouse gas driving climate change. By investing in sustainable economic development and cultural preservation for local communities, our projects keep threatened forests alive and protected. The CO2 saved is called a ‘carbon credit’ that has been verified and audited. By using carbon credits to take responsibility for your impact so that you leave things better than you found them. This is especially helpful for parts of your value chain where it might be hard to avoid the impact or where you have a long-term plan, but want to minimize your climate impact today.

Carbon credits from forest conservation can be used as part of a carbon offsetting or insetting strategy, or they can be directly linked to the climate footprint of your products. By accounting for and taking responsibility for your climate footprint through Climate+, your products help make living forest thrive.

This is the future of business. One that is constructive, not destructive.

We work with game-changing brands who want to be part of building climate solutions, ensuring your products are Climate+ and your customers become part of the solution.

That’s what your customers are demanding. And we’re here to help you do it.

Delivering transparency. Accountability. Climate action. Impact. All bundled into your products. Revolutionary impact.


Does my customer care? Absolutely

People are increasingly concerned about the environmental and social impacts of the products they love. They want to buy from brands who align with their values. But we also know people are busy. Fast-paced lives can make it challenging to do the research needed to identify those companies going beyond the status quo. Climate+ is the answer.

Climate+ shows companies are going beyond what is expected to do everything possible to leave the planet in a better state than they found it.

They seek products that meet their values
- impact, transparency, making a difference. They demand more of you than just your products. They want to know your mission. Your story. Your why. By being Climate+, they know you align with their values. They trust you. They are proud to buy your products, and will keep coming back to you.

By choosing to live Climate+, their choices, notably their purchases, are making a lasting impact. Their purchase is protecting forests and supporting the communities that live and work in them, creating long-term climate health – and that’s good for our food supply, communities, our planet and our health… and your business.

What Climate+ can do for you

We advance your business’ climate, risk management, and sustainable development targets, integrating carbon credits from forest conservation for a truly circular and climate resilient supply chain.

We work with you to further develop your storytelling with powerful creative assets and experiential engagement for your brand.

We work with our partners to develop and implement cutting-edge technology solutions, further positioning you at the leading edge of innovation (like blockchain that enables you to track your carbon footprint in real time!).

You become a part of our community of Climate+ pioneers – leaders like you who continue to demonstrate the power of business to solve climate change and build a better world.