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“As an intermediary, Dodds & Shute are passionate about creating change in our industry and aim to be market leaders for sustainable products and solutions as well as beautiful design. We believe in the importance of an ethical and transparent supply chain and constantly strive to have a greater understanding of our sourcing and production.” Nick Shute, Creative Director 

Dodds & Shute are a furniture consultant and procurement practice who view doing good as integral to their business. As consultants that do not directly manufacture any of their own furniture, they use their position to influence their suppliers and clients to take sustainability into account.

They are proud to offer climate positive furniture which is made possible through taking ownership for the carbon impact of every product they supply. Using industry benchmark data, Dodds & Shute have approximated the carbon footprint of every product and rebalance that impact through financing emissions reductions from protecting threatened forest in the Amazon. With every purchase, Dodds & Shute customers know that their furniture removes more carbon emissions from the atmosphere than were emitted during production.

In addition, as a result of our robust impact measurement and reporting, Dodds & Shute express this positive impact to their customers as the number of trees that are protect by each product. For example, this sofa protects 4.5 trees in the Cordillera Azul National Park, Peru.

As a company that specialises in natural materials which are sourced from all over the world, taking action on climate change through addressing the impacts of a key material in their supply chain (wood and deforestation) is an imperative. Dodds & Shute’s goal is to not just source responsibly and encourage suppliers to shift habits but to pair this with addressing wider issues within their industry and leave an overall positive impact.

“We found that simply understanding our supply chain wasn’t enough, we asked ourselves what else could we as a middleman do to hold ourselves accountable for the global impact of our industry.

We wanted to go one step further than only sourcing from responsible suppliers, instead we offset the environmental impact from all products across our portfolio of suppliers. This way we can offer a climate positive solution for all of our clients purchasing needs.” Nick Shute, Creative Director


Dodds & Shute are part of the Ecosphere+ climate positive programme, Climate+. Learn more here.


Photo by Charlie Bard Photography