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Lisa Walker, CEO of Ecosphere+, talks to BusinessGreen about how carbon credits can help companies slash their emissions while boosting local development

You can read the full article was originally written by Michael Holder here in Business Green.


This article follows an interview with Lisa Walker and Business Greens, Michael Holder. Lisa explains the benefits of what Ecosphere+ is doing and why it is so necessary in the current state of the environment and looking ahead to a net zero economy.

Lisa finishes the interview on a positive note, exclaiming “I think we have to be optimistic, and I don’t think that is a naïve optimism,” she says. “I foresee optimism and a sense of momentum out there.”


From the article

The world’s top climate scientists may have delivered a raft of terrifying warnings in the IPCC’s long-awaited 1.5C report last week, but – bolstered by analysis of deliverable solutions – the overall message remained loud and clear: drastic action is needed, and it is needed quickly.

Specifically, they said, we have around 12 years to cut global greenhouse gas emissions in half if we are to have a chance of stopping average global warming of more than 1.5C by the end of the century, and therefore avert dangerous sea level rise, escalating drought risks, the mass loss of species, and hundreds of millions more people falling into poverty.

For businesses – and indeed the wider public – the urgency of these warnings, and the pace and scale of the necessary transition ahead, can feel overwhelming. After all, as the IPCC report makes plain, many of the technologies and processes which are likely needed to eradicate greenhouse gases entirely, or deliver net zero emissions within a few decades – such as carbon capture and storage (CCS) or direct air carbon capture – remain unproven, or technically or financially difficult to scale up in the immediate term.

How, then, can businesses rapidly slash their environmental and carbon footprint in the short term in order to keep pace with scientists’ arresting calls for urgency?

For many companies, says Lisa Walker, CEO of nature-based carbon credits company Ecosphere+, part of the answer may lie in natural capital solutions…. read more here.