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Above: Lisa Walker, CEO of Ecosphere+, and Paul Hol, Co-Founder of Treevive, sign a new partnership agreement in London

Ecosphere+ and Treevive are excited to announce a new partnership to bring high-impact carbon projects to market, as part of a joint mission to drive transparency and principle in project development and carbon procurement.

The partnership launches today with a procurement event marking the sale of a tranche of Verra-verified carbon removals credits from the MLR Forestal project in Nicaragua. This unique project is transforming degraded tropical rainforest through agroforestry programmes led by local farmers and focusing on planting mixed teak and cacao under the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and RA (Rainforest Alliance) certifications. MLR Forestal is of key importance to rural job creation, community environmental education and the conservation of unique biodiversity, such as the IUCN red-listed Baird’s tapir and Geoffroy’s spider monkey.

Treevive is powered by Form International and together they bring over 30 years of experience in investment, development and implementation of forestry projects across the globe, guided by a transparent fee structure that delivers financing directly to local and indigenous communities. Ecosphere+ offers the downstream commercial capabilities to ignite powerful impact, connecting corporate carbon buyers with innovative carbon projects through commercial structures underpinned by integrity and rigorously assured.

The Ecosphere+ and Treevive partnerships aims to scale in 2023 to deliver additional opportunities to drive impact for climate, nature and people.

Lisa Walker, CEO of Ecosphere+, said: “In a still too opaque carbon market, we are thrilled to partner with Treevive to bring clarity to what best-practice project development and carbon procurement can look like. Our partnership demonstrates a unique fusion of expertise, tools and values that will drive impact for local communities and biodiversity conservation just as it does for carbon mitigation.”

Liesbeth Gort, CEO of Treevive, said: “It is our mission to accelerate the restoration and conservation of tropical forest landscapes through the generation of high-quality carbon credits. With this partnership, we ensure that this standard of quality is secured across the value chain with a high level of transparency and integrity. The expertise and track record that Ecosphere+ bring enables us to even more effectively perform our accelerator role.”

About Treevive: Treevive accelerates private sector climate finance for long-term conservation, restoration, and sustainable management of tropical forest landscapes worldwide. Treevive is powered by Form International. Together we build on 30 years of hands-on expertise in the development, investment and implementation of forest landscape projects in tropical regions in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. These include afforestation, reforestation and revegetation (ARR), Improved Forest Management (IFM), REDD+ and agroforestry. Our business model is transparent and fair; the vast majority of the generated revenues flow to the forest owner and local communities via a revenue share model where applicable. Treevive is set up as a revolving structure; our earnings flow forward to finance new projects.

About Ecosphere+: Ecosphere+ has transacted over 45 million carbon credits since 2016, pioneering best-practice in carbon offsetting. We help businesses to navigate carbon procurement with confidence, and deliver broad environmental and social impact. Ecosphere+ portfolio strategies enable our clients to take further action beyond value chain mitigation to achieve net zero and beyond. Our team bring over 20 years of experience in corporate climate action to Ecosphere+. This commercial expertise, matched with a global network of experienced project partners, enables us to develop future-proof business solutions underpinned by integrity and rigorously assured. We have assembled some of the largest corporate solutions in the carbon market to date, guided by a standards and reporting framework that mandates quality and impact.

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