As part of the Althelia Climate Fund, Ecosphere+ is accountable to the highest environmental, social and governance standards.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) excellence is a key dimension of every project supported by the Althelia Climate Fund. This overarching ESG policy is applied across the portfolio to comply with the IFC Performance Standards. Additionally, other relevant internationally recognised standards are applied wherever relevant to further ensure that we operate at (and in many cases, define) the level of best practice.

We believe that through achieving environmental and social excellence our projects will be robust, sustainable and long-lasting, benefiting communities and the environment beyond the life of the investment.

ESG Principles

  • We aim to be best in class in environmental and social performance
  • We expect our projects to:
    • comply with internationally recognised performance standards and certifications as well as local laws and international conventions;
    • provide quality employment;
    • provide substantive, measurable, positive benefits to people and the environment;
    • conserve natural habitats and wild species;
    • apply high ethical standards and operate transparently
  • We measure and report on our progress
  • We expect open and constructive engagement with the organisations we partner with. The Althelia Climate Fund does not take finance from or finance projects or entities involved in the activities listed in its exclusions list
  • We also apply these principles to the way we operate


We make our ESG Policy available to all our customers.