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Barcelona, Spain, May 22-25, 2017

Over 1500 movers and shakers from 82 countries were in Barcelona for Innovate4Climate to discuss the latest in carbon finance. Organised by the World Bank, IETA and other partners, the event was aimed at joining finance, markets and technology to accelerate climate action.  

As a new company, it was an ideal opportunity for Ecosphere+ to showcase our best-in-class sustainable land use and forestry carbon projects coming to the market. We had a booth at the event which was very well-attended over the week and run by our team of CEO, Lisa Walker, VP of Business Development, Jessica Verhagen, and Strategic Analyst, Naazia Ebrahim. Our senior advisor, Andrew Mitchell, also attended and spoke with several media outlets about the role of finance in forest carbon REDD+ projects and natural capital.

We received positive feedback on the links we drew from our projects to the UN Sustainable Development Goals as well as our ability to support clients with up to date marketing materials.