Juan Carlos Gonzalez Aybar

Director of Latin America

Juan Carlos has lead Althelia’s investment deployment in Latin America since August 2013. He is in charge of managing the fund’s exposure on REDD+ projects in the sub-continent.  JC’s role extends to coordinating with project developers and communities on the ground, structuring of financially viable sustainable land use projects in high priority conservation areas that mix avoided deforestation, restoration of degraded lands and the sustainable production of certified and decarbonised agro & forest products such as cocoa, coffee, FSC timber, rubber, Brazilian chestnuts, fruits, among others.

Previously he coordinated the business development and carbon finance unit of AIDER, the leading Peruvian sustainable development NGO, establishing strategic partnerships with European agroforestry funds, carbon funds, food and retail multinationals, for the financing and implementation of sustainable supply chains (including algarroba and cocoa) in tropical dry and moist forests that support ecosystems conservation and rural development through sound community-based productive or harvest systems, thus making the case that healthy ecosystems provide solutions for both poor rural communities and responsible industries while mitigating climate change and conserving biodiversity more effectively.

He has spent much of the last eight years in France and Austria, where he worked for agroforestry investment funds (Livelihoods Ventures Fund), financial brokers (Carbonium), Food (Danone) and Retail (Groupe Carrefour) Fortune 500 companies.

Passionate about politics, social entrepreneurship, poverty reduction and inclusive development, JC holds a Bachelor in Social Sciences from the University of Bordeaux-II and a Masters degree in Environmental Economics and CSR from Paris-Dauphine University, France.

Juan Carlos is fluent in 4 languages (English, Spanish, French, and Italian) and is enjoying learning Portuguese.