Dr Jill Shankleman

Senior Social and Environmental Advisor

Jill is responsible for ensuring that ACF’s ESG Policy and Standard are applied in the projects we invest in. This includes the integration of ESG into due diligence, project monitoring and reporting, and engagement with projects on ESG performance.

Jill brings to this role experience as a Senior Social and Environmental specialist in the World Bank (MIGA) and FMO, as well as over twenty years experience advising companies worldwide on social and environmental performance management. Prior to starting work on environmental issues in the 1980s, she worked in agricultural marketing in Tanzania and with the International Coffee Organisation. Jill has also published extensively on the social, environmental and political risks associated with investment in the extractive industries, and been awarded fellowships at Washington DC think tanks US Institute of Peace and Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars to pursue this work.

Jill has academic qualifications in development sociology and international human rights law.