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Ecosphere+ is a member of the International Insetting Platform (IPI), a group of businesses working to build holistic and transformative businesses operations and supply chains that create a balance between production, consumption and the ecosystems they depend upon. The IPI is proud to be a member of the Business for Nature Coalition at its launch.


At the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of New Champions in China and the Trondheim Biodiversity Conferences in Norway, at the beginning of July 2019, the Business for Nature coalition – a new global initiative calling for action to reverse nature loss and restore the planet’s vital natural systems – was announced.
Comprehensive scientific assessments are telling us that we are losing nature at a rate that is pushing the planet towards dangerous tipping points. Over the last 50 years, wildlife populations have declined by 60%, and scientists warn that we have entered a 6th mass extinction of life on earth. This massive loss of nature is degrading the natural systems that underpin our thriving societies and prosperous economies, and the rate of degradation is accelerating.

Forward-thinking businesses understand that they depend on a healthy natural world and a better understanding of these connections can lead to significant benefits for society and nature, alongside the creation of business value.
World leaders have an opportunity in 2020 to forge an international agreement to reverse nature loss similar to the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change. The Business for Nature coalition will bring a united business voice to these vital international negotiations to help deliver the result we need for nature and people.
How can business deliver for Nature?
When business acts to protect and restore nature, companies, communities and economies all benefit. In the coming months, Business for Nature will work with its community to establish an action platform that will help companies identify the solutions that need to be implemented to achieve their commitments.

Business can already start delivering for nature by:

  • Working through their own operations and value chains to identify, reduce and avoid impacts, while also identifying dependencies, nature-based solutions and other opportunities that create benefits for nature and people;
  • Leading landscape level collaboration in landscapes, river basins and seascapes to ensure ecosystem conservation and restoration, and the supply of ecosystem services delivered by nature to society and the economy;
  • Implementing systemic change to organisations and business models by identifying impacts and dependencies on natural capital, and taking nature into account when making decisions, disclosing and reporting; and
  • Recommending and promoting policy changes to governments to establish the policy frameworks needed to drive economic changes as scale.


The International Platform for Insetting is scaling positive impact where it is needed most: Nature 
Insetting is a strategic mechanism for businesses to scale impactful nature-based solutions within and beyond their value chains. The insetting approach enables businesses to build climate resilience through creating healthy ecosystems their operations depend upon whilst bringing systemic change to their business model that benefits nature and people.

The International Platform for Insetting has formalised a partnership with the Business for Nature coalition and will support the initiative to drive the global narrative around the economic importance of a thriving natural world by showcasing business solutions that translate commitments into actions for meaningful impact and by demonstrating that the safeguarding of nature makes economic sense.