Nature-based climate solutions

Nature-based carbon credits can help companies to address climate and deforestation impacts, create resilient supply chains, engage employees and customers and offer net positive products.

Ecosphere+ works with companies to create innovative, business-focused solutions using its nature-based carbon credits to advance their climate and sustainability targets. We partner with both large corporations and SMEs to design and implement the solutions outlined below.

We offer access to the largest portfolio of double verified forest-based carbon credits, from forest conservation projects across the world, including Peru, Guatemala and Indonesia. Our projects help to address all of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and have best-in-class impact and ESG reporting.


For corporate climate strategy

Using natural climate solutions to meet your climate and SDG targets


For supply chain companies

Deforestation-free supply chains, landscape resilience and insetting


For investors

De-risking your investment portfolios and financed emissions


For airlines

Managing carbon pricing risk and security supply for CORSIA compliance or voluntary programmes


For retail

Using carbon pricing at the point of sale to enable retailers and consumers to take action on climate change


For transport and logistics

Using offsets to offer carbon neutral products and services during the energy transition


For governments

Enabling ambitious progress on the Paris Agreement


For customer engagement

Engaging your customers through taking climate action and addressing the SGDs


For small businesses and SMEs

Measuring your carbon footprint and taking climate action for small businesses


For individuals

Measuring your carbon footprint and taking climate action for individuals