Transatlantic return flight


Rebalance your transatlantic flight to take control of the carbon impact of your flight, through protecting threatened forests around the world.



Air miles are often unavoidable, for both work and personal reasons, and unfortunately flying can be an area where it is nearly impossible for us to reduce the impact. While airlines are busy designing new technologies and systems that will not become a reality for years, you can take action today.

It’s roughly 2 tonnes of carbon for a return flight across the Atlantic. Take control of the climate impact of your travel through buying Ecosphere+ credits that finance forest conservation projects around the world. Forests are a natural climate ‘technology’ that absorb and store carbon. With us you can protect the rainforest and rebalance your climate impact with every flight you take.

Simply select how many return flights you want to cover. At checkout, you can decide which of our forest carbon projects you’d like to support.

These figures are based on a return flight from London to New York flying economy. For more precise calculations based on actual routes, visit our calculator.