Trees are more than just a collection of branches, roots and trees. They give us so much more than the wood that we see. Trees:

  • take in carbon dioxide and store carbon meaning they are the most powerful natural solution to climate change,
  • regulate the water cycle, preventing floods and creating rain for growing crops,
  • clean our global air supply as they create oxygen,
  • supply resources for millions of forest-dwelling people around the world, and
  • provide habitat for amazing and endangered animals.

But they are sadly undervalued for everything that they give to us. You have the power to change this by buying Ecosphere+ carbon credits. Credits finance forest conservation and are the best way to value a forest standing rather than cut or burned down as they help to fight the forces that cause their destruction.

Protect trees in the Amazon rainforest today, through supporting forest conservation at our Tambopata-Bahuaja Biodiversity Reserve project in Peru.

Note: Forests are a natural climate ‘technology’ that absorb and store carbon. Credits are sold in denominations of tonnes, one of which is equivalent to removing one tonne of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Protecting 100 trees is equivalent to removing one tonne of carbon dioxide. You can protect trees in multiples of 100.

From £10.00/per 100 trees