Calculate your carbon footprint today

The future of business is one that is constructive, not destructive. It is time to reimagine the power of business. This is what the REDD+ Business Initiative work to make a reality with our members.

Your business (and your customers) can be the solution to climate change. This free-to-use carbon footprint calculator makes taking urgently needed climate action accessible for members, interested companies and even your employees or customers.

The first step is to understand your climate impacts by calculating your carbon footprint using this tool created by our partner Ecosphere+.

Take responsibility for your carbon emissions

1) MeasureĀ the impact your actions have on the climate. Select the tab corresponding to the area youā€™d like to focus on, such as energy or travel.

2) ReduceĀ your impacts wherever possible by taking action within your business, like switching to renewable energy.

3) MitigateĀ your unavoidable carbon emissions, such as flights, using forest-based carbon credits that support the initiative’s flagship projects as part of an integrated climate change strategy for your company.

4) SparkĀ a chain reaction of positive impacts on the ground to finance vital conservation in a critically threatened tropical rainforest, protect threatened species, safeguard clean air and water, support local and indigenous communities and empower women in Peru.

5) ReceiveĀ a certificate of your support to confirm that the carbon credits you have bought have been ā€˜retiredā€™ in your name.

6) ShareĀ your support with your stakeholders. We help our clients to tell the story of how they are integrating forest conservation into their overall climate strategy.

And your company becomes part of the solution to climate change.


How carbon credits can help your business:

Engage your employees and customers

  • Meet your sustainability and ESG goals.

  • Rebalance your unavoidable impact (for example, delivery miles, supply chain impacts or business travel).

  • Tell your story to connect your company to positive global impact, sharing your commitment to effective climate action with direct impact.

  • Engage millennial customers and employees.

  • Create climate positive products and services.

  • Integrate climate strategy into your companyā€™s strategic risk management.

Are you looking for purposeful ways to engage your customers or employees? Research shows that more than 9 in 10 millennials would switch brands to one associated with a cause and 78% of employees in the US want to be active participants in helping their company improve its responsible business practices [1].

We can create a bespoke, branded webpage (just like this one!) that makes it easy for individuals you influence to take action on climate change and at the same time protect the worldā€™s rainforests. This is an easy and effective way to complement corporate action with a wider group, expanding your influence as well as impact.

Imagine an inter-departmental competition for employees to make carbon neutral lifestyle pledges as New Yearā€™s Resolutions following a company-wide commitmentā€¦

Or customers entering a Christmas raffle for an exciting product offer through offsetting their holiday season for Ā£5ā€¦

Get in touch to discuss the possibilities and for more examples and ideas. Contact us today.

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