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Reforestum is on a mission to connect and empower citizens and organisations under the common goal of reversing climate change.  By collaboratively protecting and restoring the earth’s forest ecosystems, we can build a cleaner, healthier and fairer future for ourselves and the generations to come.

To further its impact, Reforestum recently announced a new partnership with Ecosphere+ to finance conservation and restoration projects in vital, threatened ecosystems, through integrating Ecosphere+ projects onto their platform.

Reforestum joins cutting-edge technology with leading forest conservation projects to give stakeholders access to available data and build greater trust and transparency into forest carbon markets in order to take action on climate change. For consumers, the Reforestum platform offers user-friendly carbon measurement, compensation and ongoing feedback on positive impacts. For businesses, the platform enables these elements both centrally for the operation and also at checkout for customers. To track the progress of projects against carbon reduction targets in near-real time, Reforestum is developing innovative new technology such as artificial intelligence to analyse satellite imagery and radar data, and using new tools to power remote monitoring, reporting and verification. Their platform enables businesses and end-consumers to engage with the projects they support, building long-lasting investment and creating a connection that goes beyond each purchase. Reforestum makes it easier than ever to integrate carbon offsetting as part of company processes – whether internal or external, offering APIs and a simple interface to support projects in a scalable, transparent and engaging way for employees and customers.


Ecosphere+ is excited to support innovative start-ups like Reforestum to implement user-friendly and transparent tools for carbon pricing at the point of sale. Reforestum’s technology puts you in control of your climate action, and makes it visible for the world to see. Empowering consumers with this data, and putting a price on carbon, also puts a value on carbon emissions and use of carbon, and through this incentivises carbon reductions. 

Diego Sanz, CEO of Reforestum, said, “Funding the right projects in the right way is at the heart of what we do. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce today our new partnership with Ecosphere+ to protect indigenous forest in the Peruvian Amazon and peatland rainforest in Indonesia’s South Sumatra. Through this partnership, Reforestum is proud to support some of the world’s most accredited forest conservation projects, which protect threatened forest vital to carbon sequestration, conserve key biodiversity and support sustainable development of local, indigenous communities.”

“We are delighted to be working with Reforestum who are using technology to scale climate action. Innovative new solutions, like their platform to make carbon measurement and putting a price on carbon easy, will aggregate the actions of the many to make a huge collective impact,” said Lisa Walker, CEO of Ecosphere+.

Now, you can support two projects represented by Ecosphere+ through Reforestum’s platform. The financing you provide by purchasing carbon credits offers a way to support climate action on the ground. In Indonesia, in partnership with local organisation Forest Carbon, the Sumatra Merang Peatland Project is restoring one of the largest and deepest peat swamp areas in South Sumatra, home to hundreds of unique and endangered species, including the Sumatran Tiger. In Peru, your funding helps protect 1.6 million hectares of critical rainforest ecosystem and supports alternative livelihoods for local and indigenous communities. Projects you can be proud to support, doing your part to mitigate your impact.

Ecosphere+ and Reforestum are proud to offer you carbon offsetting that now takes us all that extra bit closer to the cleaner, healthier and fairer future we can create together.


Check out Reforestum here. To learn more or talk about how Ecosphere+ can help your business, contact us today, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates.