Growing demand for sustainable commodities

In today’s consumer-driven markets, demand and regulatory pressures for detailed ingredient and origin information on food packaging and menus is growing.

Brands are seeing an increasing emphasis on sustainably produced products, with suppliers and manufacturers paying much closer attention to the land-use practices in the areas where they source their raw materials from.

At Ecosphere+, we are seeing an upward trend for the average consumer’s concern about the social and environmental impacts their buying habits might be having on the world; making the use of sustainable commodities in companies’ supply chains essential for long-term economic and financial viability of the food and beverage sector.

This is the future of supply chains

We understand the growing importance of sustainable commodity sourcing for both businesses and producers, helping both sides of the demand/supply coin move towards a more sustainable use of landscapes through our conservation or carbon finance model.

Resilient supply chains can only happen where healthy ecosystems co-exist with sustainable agricultural practices and where adequate livelihoods are guaranteed for farmers and their families.

Sustainable commodities from our forest conservation projects

The conservation projects we support have a strong production component, which helping farmers transition towards environmentally friendly practices at the same time as protecting the forest.

In Peru, the agroforestry systems that are implemented alongside our local partners and with thousands of farmers combine organic, Fairtrade and UTZ certified coffee and cocoa with native commercial timber tree species.

In Guatemala, trees are planted next to a number of products, including cardamom, cinnamon, xate, black pepper, and rubber.

As part of this transition, we help farmers with the route to market, connecting them with companies interested in sourcing sustainable, deforestation-free commodities.

You can source deforestation-free from us

We source and supply a number of traceable, sustainable, fair-trade and organic products and ingredients from various geographies, including combining these products with nature-based carbon credits to rebalance your supply chain emissions (insetting), creating a truly climate-positive product.

Please do get in touch if you would like to buy these commodities or find out more.