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Detroit, US, May 22-25, 2017

Sport and Sustainability International (SandSI) is a newly launched initiative that convenes some of the world’s most influential sports federations, their fans and related businesses in order to ensure sustainability is a key business principle throughout the global sports industry.

SandSi held its Inaugural Congress in Paris to formalise the initiative, elect board members and encourage action on climate change in sport. 130 representatives from 30 countries and representing soccer, rugby, tennis, motor sports, sailing, skiing, golf, cricket, cycling, running, equestrian sports, water sports, and basketball, among others, joined together to focus on the threat that climate change poses to the games loved by millions and the communities in which they are played. Ecosphere+ attended to support the new initiative and sustainability actions in sport, as we believe sports has a huge potential for inspiring millons of people around the world on important issues.

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