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Detroit, US, May 22-25, 2017

Sustainable Brands is the largest peer community of global business leaders committed to brand value creation through sustainability-led innovation. At the annual conference, over 2,000 brand leaders united in Detroit to discuss how businesses can position themselves for success against the backdrop of changing societal needs. A new initiative was launched to discover how redefined societal aspirations are transforming the way brands deliver value for their customers – called ‘redefining the good life’ – which will be the focus for the next few Sustainable Brands conferences.

Ecosphere+ sponsored the event, ran a booth in the ‘activation hub’ and hosted several information sessions on climate risk, carbon coalitions a land use emissions pub quiz and a Q&A with a corporate buyer. Kate Dillon Levin, VP North American Sales & Marketing, and Lucy Arndt, Sales & Business Development Manager, were in attendance for Ecosphere+. It was a great opportunity to speak with some of the most prominent US brands who are integrating sustainability into their business models (see below for a sample of the brands in attendance).