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Reforestum and Ecosphere+ are proud winners of the World Economic Forum’s UpLink Trillion Trees Challenge, a competition to find the top three solutions leading the fight to save our global forests.

Reforestum and Ecosphere+ deliver an end-to-end solution that brings transparency through technology to scale climate action, connecting companies and individuals to vital conservation and reforestation projects. The partnership joins Reforestum’s innovative digital technology and local reforestation capabilities with Ecosphere+’s large-scale tropical forest conservation and restoration projects and corporate solutions to address the barriers to scaling climate finance for nature. Ecosphere+ and Reforestum are on a joint mission to mobilise widespread action by corporates and their customers, using digital tools to increase trust and by embedding natural climate solutions into transactions across the value chain and across sectors.

The Trillion Trees Challenge was launched earlier this year as part of the movement to restore and grow 1 trillion trees globally by 2030. Supported by the World Economic Forum’s initiative, the movement seeks to unlock innovative solutions to accelerate and scale forest conservation and restoration. Hosted by UpLink, a leading digital platform which brings forward creative ideas to mitigate important global issues, this year’s first ever Trillion Trees challenge saw 250 entries from across the globe pitching innovative ideas to green our cities, unlock 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) tech for trees, build a forest economy and scale and accelerate forest conservation and restoration.

Lisa Walker, CEO of Ecosphere+, said: “We’re proud to have been selected as winners of the Trillion Trees Challenge with Reforestum, and to compete alongside such innovative and inspirational solutions. Meeting the goal of one trillion trees globally by 2030 will require a whole host of unique ideas, and we’re committed now more than ever to using our joint solution with Reforestum to enable more corporates and customers to join this movement and to help scale climate action for nature at the pace required.”

Diego Sanz, CEO of Reforestum, said: “Every startup dreams of partnering with the strongest allies in their industry, and we could not imagine a better way to announce our partnership with Ecosphere+ than having already won this prize from WEF. We are convinced that our complementary skills can disrupt the reforestation and conservation market by integrating carbon offsetting in every transaction and connecting final customers with the best projects and most committed companies worldwide. Finally, these reforestation and conservation projects will be more visible and transparent than ever, thanks to our monitoring, reporting and verification tools leveraging satellite imagery and state-of-the-art AI algorithms.”

To date, the Ecosphere+ and Reforestum partnership combined impact has achieved protecting 2 billion trees and over 2 million hectares globally, much of that in high conservation value habitat, and preventing 30 million tonnes of carbon emissions. 

Over the next five years, the partnership has ambitious plans to continue to scale with exciting goals to bring carbon pricing at the point of sale to over a billion customers through corporate partnerships. This can build truly momentous climate action – adding just one cent to every financial transaction worldwide in a year could keep 370 billion trees standing. 

Watch the WEF’s video below showcasing the Ecosphere+ and Reforestum partnership.