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About us

Ecosphere+ delivers positive impact for climate, nature and people by harnessing the power of the carbon market

Ecosphere+ has transacted over 45 million carbon credits since 2016, pioneering best-practice in carbon procurement. We help businesses to navigate carbon procurement with confidence and deliver broad environmental and social impact. Ecosphere+ portfolio strategies enable our clients to take further action beyond value chain mitigation, integrating carbon credits to achieve net zero and beyond. Our team bring over 20 years of experience in corporate climate action to Ecosphere+. This commercial expertise, matched with a global network of experienced project partners, enables us to deliver future-proof, rigorously assured business solutions. We have designed and delivered some of the largest corporate solutions in the carbon market to date, guided by a standards and reporting framework focused on quality and impact.

Ecosphere+ is a proud B Corp and accredited to ICROA, a quality assurance framework in carbon offsetting.

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Our services

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Project partnerships

We work on behalf of our project partners to bring their environmental assets to market and maximise reliable and long-term financial returns. We offer an end-to-end solution for our partners, supporting with:

  • Legal and structuring expertise
  • Regular sales and market reporting
  • Inventory and registry management
  • Innovative market placements and project launches
  • Communications and marketing
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Carbon procurement

We support businesses with a range of contract structures for procuring high-impact carbon credits, with each transaction bespoke to our clients’ needs. We provide an end-to-end solution for buyers, built around four key pillars:

  • Contract structuring
  • Securing supply
  • Managing delivery
  • Supporting communications
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Together with our partners we are delivering positive impact at scale

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6 carbon credits



carbon credits transacted

4 global clients

global clients supported across all major sectors

5 150 million

More than


in climate finance raised for projects globally

7 6 continents

Partnering with project developers across

key methodologies

Delivering projects across at least


to date

Our approach



Let’s not measure our success only in units of carbon. Instead, let’s ensure that the benefits for people and for nature are hardwired into the currency of carbon, so that we can use the carbon market to deliver solutions to many of the other pressing issues we face.

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Lisa Walker, CEO, Ecosphere+
World Economic Forum, 2021

Our leading standards and impact reporting framework ensures that the carbon projects we represent deliver transformative positive outcomes, with high-integrity project design and governance at their core.

But carbon is not our end game.

The Ecosphere+ platform delivers impact for:

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local and indigenous people

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Nature finance

The fight to mitigate climate change is urgent, and action now convenes around the carbon market to accelerate an imminent and large-scale response. And although carbon can be used to deliver solutions to many of the other pressing issues we face, carbon is only one piece of the puzzle. Markets must also develop to value nature’s assets that are in need of finance, such as biodiversity and other ecosystem services.

This is where nature finance comes in. We recognise there is a lot of work ahead to restore our planet, and with an ever-growing number of innovative solutions, we’re working to build not only the market for climate finance, but for nature finance as well.


Insetting is a way for companies to harmonise their operations with the ecosystems they depend upon and transition to a more sustainable business model through purchasing carbon credits from landscapes within their supply chain. According to the International Platform for Insetting (IPI), through insetting, “Businesses reduce the GHG emissions of their operations, increasing carbon sequestration by re-establishing natural carbon sinks, increasing soil health, restoring local water cycles and reversing the loss of forests and biodiversity. At the same time they build climate resilience, support the livelihoods of local producers and strengthen communities.”

Ecosphere+ works closely with businesses to support insetting in key regions and supply chains across the world. To date, we’ve supported some of the world’s biggest brands to transition to a landscape approach and to consider insetting as a means of delivering widespread positive impact.


The Ecosphere+ team hold positions on multiple professional member organisations for the voluntary carbon market and sustainable business.

Carbon market partners

We are partnered with several leading data providers in the voluntary carbon market. To drive transparency in the market, we report all of our transactions* to our data partners.

*Client data is always confidential