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Ecosphere+ partners with project developers and carbon credit holders across the world to distribute the highest quality units into the voluntary carbon market and other emerging environmental markets.

We work on behalf of our project partners to bring their environmental assets to market and maximise reliable and long-term financial returns that best suit their needs. We work closely with project partners to determine the right commercialisation strategy for them through a variety of sales structures and transaction types.

A global network of project partners, investors and carbon credit buyers

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Who we work with

Project developers with projects in need of upfront capital e.g. accessed through investment or pre-payment for credits.

Project developers with operational projects and carbon credits ready to distribute, and/or future issuance streams pending.

Market participants looking for procurement opportunities in current and future supply of carbon credits.

We provide an end-to-end solution for project partners

We offer:

Structuring expertise

Legal and commercial capabilities

Future finance and investment

Market placement

Registry management

Communications & engagement

Market analysis and trends reporting

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Ensuring a community-led approach

We ensure that local project stakeholders are treated as equal partners in project design and implementation, and not just as beneficiaries. Buy in and support from local and indigenous communities is key to establishing an approach that properly values local customs and beliefs and ensures project stability and effectiveness.

This approach is fundamental to all our project partners.

How we choose our project partners

We are selective in who we work with. We choose project partners that deliver on the following:

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IPLC-led project design and implementation, where possible
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Equitable benefit-sharing mechanism
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Inclusivity in decision-making
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Good governance
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Transparent financing model
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Local technical expertise
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Wide-ranging impacts delivered at a landscape level