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Navigating the carbon market is a challenge. Businesses and investors want to be sure they are supporting the right projects, in the right way. A fragmented market, regulatory uncertainty and lack of transparency makes this difficult.

Our portfolio strategies remove these hurdles allowing ambitious businesses to deliver environmental and social impact, whilst managing financial exposure and reputational risk. Our team are experts in carbon solutions, and we guide our clients to the highest-quality projects in the market with a range of commercial structures.

Since 2016, we have been trusted by over 200 of the world’s most ambitious brands, and have to date transacted more than 45 million carbon credits.

trillion of economic value

– over half the world’s total GDP – is moderately or highly dependent on nature.

Source: World Economic Forum, 2020 Global Risks Report


of the emissions reductions

required to meet our global 2030 climate goals can be achieved by protecting nature.

Source: The Nature Conservancy, Proceedings of the Natural Academy of the Sciences

We support businesses with a range of contract structures for procuring carbon offsets

Immediate supply of carbon credits through spot contracts

Supply of a future stream of credits to cover contributions over multiple years through forward contracts (with or without pre-payments)

Flexible supply that can be tailored to keep pace with corporate carbon reductions and implementation of net zero goals e.g. through optionality within contracts to manage price exposure and volume fluctuations.

Opportunities to support carbon projects on an exclusive basis

Portfolios of multiple projects with impacts and landscapes aligned to corporate environmental and social objectives

Procurement services: We provide an end-to-end solution.

Developing bespoke contract structures to meet client demand

Sourcing and securing a portfolio of high-quality carbon credits from our global project base

Assisting with full client due diligence requirements

Managing the delivery process of carbon credits to clients

Supporting clients with internal and external communications and marketing campaigns & facilitating access to engagement opportunities

Ecosphere+ solutions deliver:




Quality assurance


Risk management



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Supporting SMEs

We empower SMEs with tools to measure, reduce and offset their residual emissions, in line with the mitigation hierarchy, through our community-driven platform and free-to-use carbon footprint calculator

Client use cases

Supporting supply chain resilience

Ecosphere+ partnered with L’Oréal to develop an innovative insetting portfolio which delivers positive impact for climate, nature and people within key regions associated with L’Oréal’s supply chain ingredients, such as palm oil and cardamom

Empowering consumers through carbon pricing at the point of sale

Ecosphere+ partnered with Ben & Jerry’s and an innovative technology developer to deliver carbon neutral ice cream, allowing for micro transactions of carbon at the check-out with 1 penny contributed to forest conservation for each scoop sold

Enabling carbon neutral car journeys

Ecosphere+ partnered with Shell to enable carbon neutral car journeys, allowing drivers to compensate for their fuel footprint at forecourts across Europe through supporting some of the world’s leading forest conservation projects

Keeping pace with actual carbon reductions

Ecosphere+ works closely with a leading international multi-sport event to enable flexibility in their carbon procurement strategy to keep pace with carbon reductions, and provide access to carbon credits that are protected from price fluctuations

Tackling unavoidable carbon emissions to achieve carbon neutrality

Ecosphere+ supported Mott MacDonald to achieve carbon neutrality by integrating high-integrity carbon credits into a science-aligned strategy that prioritised operational reductions and offset unavoidable emissions

Delivering emissions reductions against a science-based target

Ecosphere+ supported EY with their development of a portfolio of carbon credits to help them become carbon negative in 2021, by reducing absolute emissions and offsetting and removing more carbon than they emitted

two parrots perched on a branch

Communicating impact

Through storytelling and impact reporting, we bring our clients face-to-face with the projects they support. We understand the critical importance of sharing impact and we work to support our clients to communicate the unique outcome of their contribution with stakeholders.

Our capabilities:

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Client nature access portal – a password protected portal to download key assets from projects supported, such as high-resolution images, videos, infographics, stories, social media materials and more

web ecosphere final 17

Client-specific project impacts and milestones reports

web ecosphere final 18

Individual company impact conversions translating contribution to measurable impacts such as hectares and trees protected, or jobs supported

web ecosphere final 19

Client site visits to supported projects

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