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Take action as an individual

Calculate and rebalance your personal carbon footprint today

Our free-to-use carbon calculator will allow you to understand your carbon footprint from your personal energy use, consumption, travel, commuting and entertaining. You can take ownership of your lifestyle or particular events you host or flights you take and rebalance these impacts to make a positive difference.

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Statement of fairness and transparency

Fairness and transparency are core to our business values. If you have a question or concern about carbon credit pricing and how the revenue supports projects, we are happy to share that with you. Contact us.

Note on calculator: Aviation imposes other effects on the climate which are greater than just CO2 emissions alone and vary based on a range of factors (e.g. accounting for non-CO2 gases, flying through certain types of clouds, and even flying at night. There is currently no suitable or agreed climate metric (or Radiative Forcing Index) to express the relationship between emissions and additional climate warming effects from aviation and this is an active area of research. To take account of this, the UK Government recommends a ‘multiplier’ for the CO2 emissions associated with flying. A multiplier of 1.9 is recommended as a central estimate, based on the best available scientific evidence and consistent with UNFCCC reporting. Our carbon footprinting partner Carbon Analytics uses this in their carbon calculations. More information can be found in the 2016 Government GHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting published by BEIS.