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This New Carbon Currency Could Make Us More Climate Friendly

Written by our CEO, Lisa Walker. Originally featured in the World Economic Forum blog as part…
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Partnering To Bring Value To Nature Through Carbon Blockchain Technology

London & New York, 19 September, 2017 – Ecosphere+ has teamed up with a number…
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WTF (What The Forest): Why Is Communicating Nature’s Value So Difficult?

For the past nine years I’ve been working in the space of something called REDD+. …
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Expo Amazonica

San Martin, Peru, AUG 10-13, 2017 Gustavo attended to this event in Peru that was…
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Forest Hero: Juan, Ranger In Peru

This is Juan José Arbil Flores. He is a park ranger in our project in…
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Andrew Mitchell: Forest Utility Meter Man

This article was originally written by Cameron Walker and featured on Ecosystem Marketplace, see here. This…
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Ecosphere+ New Member Of Icroa

Ecosphere+ is pleased to have been accepted as a member to the International Carbon Reduction…
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Client story: Jump Starting Carbon Free Deliveries

We are proud to be working with Red-Inc, a sustainable office supply delivery company pioneering…
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Ecosphere+ Proud To Join The B Corp Community

Ecosphere+ is proud to announce that we have just joined the B Corp community, as…
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