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PRESS RELEASE: Success of Tambopata-Bahuaja conservation model highlighted in Forest Trends report

19 December 2017, London: Ecosphere+ (E+) is delighted to announce that the Tambopata-Bahuaja project, financed by the Althelia Climate Fund (ACF) is the subject of a new report by non-profit organisation Forest Trends, published today as part of the Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn.

The report, entitled Financing Conservation and Sustainable Land Use in the Amazon’ cites the project as a successful example of a public-private-people partnership, which aggregates funding from international investors and the Peruvian government to address deforestation and social development in an at-risk area of the Amazon.

The report highlights the importance of safeguarding protected areas, which continue to face many challenges such as deforestation, despite their status as both natural climate solutions and world natural heritage for future generations. Of particular note is the value that the arrangement places on the environmental services provided by the protected forest, which acts as a natural carbon sponge to rebalance carbon emissions.

The project is managed by the Peruvian sustainable development and conservation NGO, Aider (, achieving remarkable success over the last four years safeguarding this important protected area and supporting livelihoods and economic wellbeing of the local community simultaneously. International private and public investors through the ACF and carbon purchases through E+ make it possible for local farmers to improve quality and productivity in their farmland. In exchange, they are incentivised to avoid clearing or degrading areas of high conservation importance, but instead to restore degraded land through agroforestry and the sustainable production of organic and Fairtrade-certified products. The result generates a positive impact on both the local economy and the wider ecosystem, simultaneously delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Conventions on Climate Change, Biological Diversity and Combatting Desertification.

Christian del Valle of ACF said: “We are delighted that the Tambopata-Bahuaja project has been recognised in this report as an example of the hugely positive effects of collaboration between public, private sector and community. We are delighted to be working in a powerful alliance comprised of corporate buyers of carbon credits, the Peruvian State through the National Service of Protected Areas (Sernanp) and Ministry of Environment (Minam), Aider NGO as project Developer, and of course the local communities as the key actors of conservation on the ground.”

Paul Ramírez Nelson, Project Manager REDD+ Tambopata Bahuaja Sonene, AIDER said: “It has been very rewarding to witness the transformational impact that this project has had on the lives of the farmers we are working with. We have successfully demonstrated that supporting forest conservation and investing in local communities can create a sustainable business model which provides both ecological and financial returns, and we hope that this project sets a powerful example for the future.”

Lisa Walker, CEO of Ecosphere+ said: “Tambopata is the flagship project of the REDD+ Business Initiative and we are very grateful for the support which has had a huge impact already.  By purchasing credits companies can lower their net emissions cost effectively whilst simultaneously delivering on multiple Sustainable Development Goals.  We are looking forward to continuing our work, connecting more companies and individuals with the world’s most powerful natural climate solutions – forests.”

This paper was supported by Good Energies, Global Environment Facility and United Nations Environment Programme.

About the Tambopata Biodiversity Reserve

Tambopata Biodiversity Reserve is a REDD+ project, which is represented by Ecosphere+. It is located in the Peruvian Amazon, the project integrates conservation of a high biodiversity area with the development of commercially viable cacao production. This project protects 586,000 hectares, avoids 4 million tonnes of carbon emissions by 2021 and supports 400 local smallholder jobs. As a result, the local landscape is transformed with global benefits.  This project received the UNFCCC’s prestigious Momentum for Change award at COP21.

About Althelia Ecosphere

Althelia Ecosphere is mission driven to design and implement a new model that will reverse depletion of natural capital – one that works for the benefit of present and future generations of life on Earth. This model aims to address the drivers of deforestation and unsustainable land-use. Through a focus on blended¬ value investments that deliver the highest calibre social, environmental and economic performance, we aim to demonstrate that financial performance can be fully aligned with sound environmental stewardship and social development. Althelia manages investment funds with a diverse portfolio of investments from Africa, Latin America and Asia that comprise of real assets (certified commodities and agricultural produce) and environmental services (verified emissions reductions and other ecosystem services). Althelia is a founding member of the GIIN – Global Impact Investing Network and part of IA50

About Ecosphere+

Ecosphere+ (E+) is a positive impact company tackling climate stress and promoting sustainable economic development. It is part of the Althelia Climate Fund and brings to market the portfolio of projects which protect forests and natural ecosystems around the world, which in turn absorb carbon and reduce the levels of emissions in the atmosphere, providing a way to help mitigate climate change. Their customers purchase “carbon credits” and sustainable commodities to finance these forest conservation projects.

About Althelia Climate Fund

Althelia Climate Fund is part of a European platform dedicated to natural capital investing, which gives investors access to investment solutions that address major global environmental challenges such as climate change, protection of landscapes, biodiversity, soil and marine resources.  ACF has committed approximately €100m towards protection and sustainable production systems in Latin America, Africa and Asia, and is part of the venture between Althelia and Mirova SA that will allocate more than €1 billion in assets under management to natural capital investing over the next 5 years.

About REDD+ Business Initiative

REDD+ is a framework for the conservation and sustainable use of forests in developing countries, agreed through the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). REDD+ activities target the underlying drivers of deforestation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with deforestation.  REDD+ Business Initiative was re-launched in July 2017. It currently has six member companies and is looking to recruit additional members. Members of the REDD+ Business Initiative are currently working to preserve biodiversity by tackling deforestation and thereby reducing CO2 emissions and strengthening the rights and prospects of local communities in developing countries. Members of the REDD+ Business Initiative work closely together with the Dutch Development Bank FMO and Ecosphere+, part of the Althelia Climate Fund.


You can download the report here.