Our Tambopata Biodiversity Reserve and Agroforestry project combines the Tambopata National Reserve and the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park, which are both internationally recognised biodiversity hotspots in the Peruvian Amazon. Here, the lush tropical rainforests provide habitat for an incredible variety of rare and endangered wildlife.

This project is creating an economic buffer zone around a 591,119 hectare forest (an area about the size of Los Angeles). By helping local farmers with the transition to sustainable cocoa production, degraded land is being restored and deforestation pressures relieved. This creates a barrier to protect the rainforest and provides people with a forest-friendly and sustainable livelihood.

Conservation and protection activities inside the forest include biological monitoring and scientific research, as well as surveillance and control of illegal human behaviours.

This project is implemented on the ground by the Peruvian NGO, AIDER.

Measurable impacts

We track seven impact areas across all of our projects, and each project also produces sustainable commodities. Below are the targets for 2021 for Tambopata:


4.2 million tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided


591,119 hectares of threatened forest protected.


30 High Conservation Value species protected, including Giant Otter, Blue Macaw and Giant Armadillo.


632 jobs created or supported.


15% of jobs held by women.


Develop a cocoa cooperative including building a cocoa processing facility.

Read the story about the facility’s successful completion and what it does to support farmers.


€2,939,017.00 contributed to local economy.



Fairtrade & Organic, fine, aromatic cocoa; Brazil Nut.

Sustainable Development Goals

Tambopata helps to achieve a number of the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Stories from our blog

Stories from our blog