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Huntington Beach, CA, October 25-26

Kate from Ecosphere+ attended the BSR conference 2017 which marked the organization’s 25th birthday and one of the key themes was how far the corporate social responsibility and sustainability worlds have come since its founding.  Sustainability leaders past, present, and future were spotlighted, and topical themes included gender equality, women’s empowerment, climate, and digital technology innovation.  The event was held at a resort hotel in Huntington Beach, California in the midst of a record-breaking heat wave. BSR was very well-attended and the panel discussions were informative and particularly relevant to E+: Positive Agriculture, Blockchain, Climate Resilient Supply Chains, and customer engagement. It was therefore a great opportunity to talk to senior members of important brands and have great conversations with some very interesting and influential people.

Kate had a number of thought provoking key messages that came out of the well-attended and high quality event, some were:

  • People tend to need to act their way into changing their thinking, not think their way into changing their actions.
  • Its still not clear if consumers will reward you for being good, but they will penalize you for being bad.
  • If we think longer, we think better