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An increasing number of individuals across all generations now actively seek a sustainable lifestyle. However, the majority agree that it’s still too difficult to be sustainable and to track their impact on the environment. It’s inconvenient, and hard to know where to start.

YAYZY and Ecosphere+ have joined forces to help consumers understand the carbon footprint of daily purchases and decisions, provide guidance on how to reduce it and offer immediate action to compensate, linking users to best in class conservation and restoration projects supporting vital ecosystems around the world. This joint approach harnesses technology to enable more people to live sustainably and become carbon neutral at the tap of a button. It’s climate action, scaled up.

YAYZY is a fintech platform for sustainability that helps users automatically track the environmental impact of their lifestyle decisions and understand how to reduce and compensate for it easily. With a built in connection to your bank account, the app calculates the carbon footprint of your purchases in real time and provides guidance on simple things you can do to reduce your impact, from choosing eco-friendly retailers to eating at sustainable restaurants. Partnering with Ecosphere+, YAYZY can now go further, helping users to become carbon neutral by supporting certified carbon offsetting projects in the Peruvian Amazon and Indonesia’s South Sumatra.

The YAYZY and Ecosphere+ partnership comes as urgency to mitigate climate change is becoming increasingly critical in a marketplace without the necessary tools to help us all catch up. The YAYZY app removes the complexities of going carbon neutral, and does all the work at the discretion of the user. By harnessing the power of technology to place a visible value on the climate impact of purchasing, YAYZY encourages important behavior change and accountability. We now have the opportunity to make our purchases positive for the climate through accessing high impact conservation and restoration activities in critical ecosystems.

Mankaran Ahluwalia, CEO of YAYZY, said: “We are excited to partner with Ecosphere+ and provide our customers with high quality certified forest conservation projects and a better view of the impact of their offset purchase.”

Lisa Walker, CEO of Ecosphere+, said: “Ecosphere+ is thrilled to be a partner on the YAYZY platform which brings action on climate into our own pockets. Through connecting individuals everywhere to highly critical reforestation and conservation projects, our partnership aims to protect vital ecosystems and empower strong communities at the scale which will be needed to keep temperature rise below 1.5 degrees.”

Download the YAYZY app today to track the impact of your spending and offset your carbon footprint through supporting Ecosphere+ conservation and restoration projects in Peru and Indonesia. Your sustainable lifestyle is just a few clicks away.

Check out YAYZY here. To learn more about how Ecosphere+ can help your business, contact us today, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates.