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7th-18th November 2016

After the success of the Paris Agreement in 2015, the hard work of implementation – nailing down how the agreement will work in practice – began in Marrakech in 2016 at COP22.

Ecosphere+ CEO Lisa Walker was closely involved in a number of events that were focused on the private sector, increasing ambition and importantly leading to concrete, near-term action.

This included a climate finance summit hosted by the Moroccan government over the ‘sandwich’ weekend (the weekend in between the two weeks of negotiation) where she presented on a panel about the role of REDD+.

As well as participating in a range of other workshops and events promoting the role of tropical forest conservation as a key climate solution, including the ‘Do-Fest’, Lisa also spent a memorable evening in the desert watching the ‘Super Moon’ and discussing how to scale demand for forest carbon assets as part of Hub Marrakech.

The Ecosphere+ team also had an exhibition stand at the Sustainable Innovation Forum and hosted a round-table discussion on the role of carbon pricing. Ecosphere+ was also the offset partner, making the event carbon neutral. You can watch Lisa’s climate leader video and learn more about the Sustainable Innovation Forum here.